Essential Hot Yoga is a private space for individualized & group hot Hatha yoga practice. We specialize in helping student practice the original 26/2 asanas as created by founder, Bikram Choudhury the "Right Way".  In a private and small group setting practitioners receive exclusive attention on alignment and pranayama (breath) work.  In comparison to large studios, this setting is unique and ideal for the following three reasons:

1.  For beginners, it develops correct habits as the asanas are performed.

2.  For practicing students, it addresses wrong habits developed as a result of practicing the asanas without corrections during their regular practice.  It will facilitate  a greater understanding of the postures and how to access them correctly.

3.  For advanced students,  it challenges them to achieve greater refinement in the asana and greater utilization of pranayamic techniques as provided only by expert instructors.

We welcome and encourage you to "Come Try It".  


Photo courtesy of D.Michael

Photo courtesy of D.Michael


Our teachers are highly skilled and qualified teachers who are current on Certifications and the latest best practices in the world of Yoga.  They're dedicated practionerwho not only teach the lifestyle, but live it.


Dr. Gail Parker


Dr. Sarah Walters



Pamela Alexander, Founder & Master Instructor