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Black Yoga Teachers Alliance Conference

For yoga teachers and yoga practitioners of all levels.

Although we experience life through different cultural lenses and embrace our unique expressions of body, mind, and spirit, we are all part of one consciousness. The 2nd annual Black Yoga Teachers Alliance conference takes you on a deeply spiritual journey  with the sounding of the sacred drums of Native American, African, and African-American tribes.

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Detroit's First Bikram Hot Yoga Symposium

In association with Pure Action, Inc., Essential Hot Yoga will host Detroit’s first symposium on the benefits of Bikram Yoga, bringing nationally recognized scientist, Dr. Stacy Hunter to Detroit on Saturday, September, 17 2016. Dr. Hunter has published several comprehensive studies on yoga and will present results from the latest studies on cardiovascular and metabolic benefits of Bikram Yoga.   For more information or to purchase tickets visit: 


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